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The Sims 4 MissMe Animations

All-in one. Here is a set of awesome animations for your Sims by MissMe. The mod also includes many additional objects needed for anims. It also requires the Sims 4 WickedWhims sex mod, Milky Tits and the Cum Mesh v1.02.


What’s included:

  1. Objects (needed for animations):
    • VXSI GameControllerAccessory S4. Credits: arthurlumierecc.
    • Midnight Raven.
    • Milk Pitcher For Anims.
    • Missy’s Milk Machine.
    • Missy’s Yum Milk. Credits: Villian Corp and MISSME.
    • Accessory Iphones (4 files). Credits: inabadromance.
      Athletic, Everyday, Formal, Party, Sleep, Swimwear. Unisex Adult: Hat (preferred, better quality). Head accessory > Hats. Bracelet (lower quality). Body Acc > Bracelets (uses both textures space). Can’t be used with any other bracelet. Not allowed for random.
    • Human Display Case and Cage (2 files). Credits: Zorak42.
    • Asketo’s ts4 objects. Credits: Asketo.
      • Modern Rack “Magick Glitch” (Comfort – Other).
      • Hole – Peep hole (Windows).
      • Hole – long Glory hole (Windows).
      • Hole – Trap hole (Windows).
      • Sextoy – middle handle dildo (Indoor Activities – Sport).
      • Sextoy – Stake “Splinter”. (Indoor Activities – Sport).
      • Sextoy – Enema syringe. (Indoor Activities – Sport).
      • Sextoy – candle “Wax tears”. (Lighting – Table lamps).
      • Sextoy – Anal beads. (Indoor Activities – Sport).
      • Sextoy – Flogger. (Indoor Activities – Sport).
      • Props – Tears in cube. (Comfort – Other).
      • Props – Tentacle. (Comfort – Other).
      • Props – Chain. (Comfort – Other).
      • Props – Cuffs. (Comfort – Other).
      • Props – Tetrahedron FX. (Comfort – Other).
      • Furniture – stool “Vertical” (Comfort – Other).
      • Furniture – Modern Rack “Horizon” (Comfort – Other).
      • Ceiling decoration – mirror-lamp “Wonderland” (Lighting – Ceiling lamps).
      • Decoration – mirror “Wonderland”(Comfort – Other).
    • Cum Mesh v.2. Credits: CherryPie.
    • Animated Sailboat (2 files). Credits: Bakie.
      Sims cannot get to this object by foot. Instant Sim teleportation is required for animations to work with it.
      You can find the Sailboat in Build mode > Fountains > Decoration OR type Sailboat into the search bar.
    • Liberated Vehicles (4 files). Credits: Gauntlet101010.
      Sims cannot get to this object by foot. Instant Sim teleportation is required for animations to work with it.
    • Futanari Penis – Huge Hard. Credits: Noir.
  2. Animations v1.6.
  3. Gift Animations v0.3.

The Sims 4 MissMe Animations List:

MISSME’s Animations v1.6Content
Teasing[M+F] Milking Time – Dining Table | Cum Mesh v2 & Milk Pitcher.
[B+B] My Heart To Yours – Floor.
[M+F] Stroke It Just This Once – Floor.
[M+F] Ass Job – Floor.
[M+F] What are you here – Door.
[M+F] Why So Shy – Floor.
[M+F] You Want This- Floor.
[M+F+F] Sandwiched – Floor.
[M+F] Of Another World Intro – Floor | Asketo’s ts4 objects.
[M+F] Of Another World 2 – Floor | Asketo’s ts4 objects.
[M+F] Milking From Behind – Floor | Cum Mesh v2.
[M+F] Precious Breastfeeding – Sofa.
[F Solo] Milkmaid – Sofa | Cum Mesh v2.
[M+F] Bar Creep Intro – Bar.
[M+F] Bar Creep 2 – Bar.
[M+F] Bar Creep 3 – Bar.
Anal[M+F] Pressed Doggy – Floor.
[M+F+F] Moral Support – Counter.
[M+F] Puppy of Luxury – Animated Sailboat.
[M+F] Always So Rough – Floor.
[M+F] Standing Fuck from Behind – Floor.
[B+B] Futa Fuck – Floor.
[M+F+F] Three can be a party – Double Bed.
[M+F] Of Another World 3 – Floor | Asketo’s ts4 objects.
Handjob[M+F] Cocky Hand Job 1 + 2 – Double Bed.
[M+F] Caged 1-2 – Human Display Cage.
[M+F] Its ok to stroke it… – Floor.
[M+F] Cock Stroking – Floor.
[M+F] Sleeping Hand Job – Double Bed.
[B+B]Futa! Futa! – Floor.
Blowjob[M+F] Cocky BJ – Double Bed.
[B+B] Futa Milking 1-3 – Floor | Midnight Raven | Huge Futanari Penis with Testicles.
[B+B+B+B] Group Futa BJ – Floor.
Vaginal[M+F] Keep Me Close – Floor.
[M+F] For The World To See [Window].
[M+F] Ride Him Like you Need Him [Floor].
[M+F] Reverse Sitting Cowgirl [Floor].
[M+F] Couch Cowgirl [Couch].
[M+F] Stuck Underneath the Table [Coffee Table].
[M+F] Counter Doggy [Counter].
[M+F] Mating Missionary [Bed].
[M+F] We shouldn’t be doing this – Door.
[M+F] Seduced – Double Bed.
[M+F+F] Three’s a crowd – Double Bed.
[M+F] I love you – Dining Chair.
[M+F] Of Another World 1 – Floor | Asketo’s ts4 objects.
[M+F] Distracted -Double Bed | Requires I ABR’s IPhone Acc (Right Hand).
Climax[M+F] Cocky BJ Climax – Double Bed | Cum Mesh v2.
[M+F] Pressed Doggy Climax – Floor | Cum Mesh v2.
[B+B] Futa Milking – Floor | Midnight Raven | Cum Mesh v2 | Huge Futanari Penis with Testicles.
[M+F] Caged Climax – Human Display Cage & Cum Mesh v1.
[M+F] Of Another World Climax – Floor | Asketo’s ts4 objects.
[M+F] Messy Cowgirl – Sofa | Cum Mesh v2.
[M+F] Sloppy Mating Press – Floor | Cum Mesh v2.
[M+F] Bar Creep Climax – Bar.
[B+B] Futa! Futa! Climax! – Floor | Cum Mesh v2.
[M+F] Distracted Climax – Double Bed | IABR’s IPhone Acc (Right Hand) | Cum Mesh v2.
[B+B+B+B] Group Futa BJ – Floor | Cum Mesh v2.
Gift Animations v0.3Content
Blowjob[M+F] Bar Creep Blow Job [Bar].
Anal[M+F] Bar Creep Doggy [Bar].
Vaginal[M+F] He’s In Control [Floor]
[F Solo] Dual Shocked 2 [Desk Chair] [VXSI Game Controller Accessory].
Teasing[F Solo] Dual Shocked 1 [Desk Chair] [VXSI Game Controller Accessory].


How to install the Sims 4 MissMe Animations:

  • Make sure you have the WickedWhims sex mod, Milky Tits and Cum Mesh installed.
  • Download this mod and extract all the “.package” files from the archive into the “Mods” folder in game directory:
    Windows XP: Documents and Settings(Current User Account)\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\
    Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Users(Current User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\
    Windows 10: Users(Current User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
  • Delete the “localthumbcache.package” file before you start the game.
  • Done! Enjoy the game!


Q.: Is an additional object required for the “What are you here” animations?
A.: Not at all! If there’s nothing next to the name of the animation, it doesn’t require you to use any additional objects. However, those animations in specific require doors! Just any regular old door.

Q.: How do I get the tentacle animation to work like in the GIFs?
A.: You only need to find the ‘Of Another World’ animations in your WW animations list and let them play out! As long as you’ve got the objects, the tentacles should appear automatically!

A.: I love your animation and accessory. But when i created a sim there’s white spots all over the body….how can i fix it?
Q.: This is usually caused when your game is updated and the patch ends up breaking one or more of your CC. I’m not sure what piece of content could be the culprit as I’m not having this problem in my game but I would use the method of taking all of your CC out and check each file one by one (or set by set like I do since I have a lot of content) so you can find the problem file and remove it from your game.

Q.: I need some help activating the futa milking animations. How to get it?
A.: Just use the Midnight Raven car.

Q.: How does one use the milk pitcher?
A.: The milk pitcher will automatically spawn for the animation that uses it.

TS4 MissMe Animations
TS4 MissMe Animations
Version: 1.6
39.4 MB
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