KoA: Teeth of Naros nude Giants

Teeth of Naros DLC nude


Nude patch for Giants. Teeth of Naros DLC (Kingdoms of Amalur). Credits to Gandalf.

How to use nude Giants mod

When you run

[mk_button style=”three-dimension” size=”large” bg_color=”#444444″ txt_color=”#fff” outline_skin=”#444444″ outline_hover_skin=”#fff” icon=”theme-icon-video” url=”https://nudepatch.net/texmod/” target=”_blank” align=”left” id=”Button ID” margin_bottom=”15″]TexMod[/mk_button]

just select giants.tpfgiants2.tpf 

and run the Teeth of Naros DLC.


Teeth Of Naros DLC Nude
Teeth Of Naros DLC Nude
10.2 MB

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