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League of Legends: Skin Installer Ultimate



LoL Skin Installer Ultimate and How to install nude skins in League Of Legends

Quick Start

To install any nude skin from,
run the program named “Skin Installer Ultimate.exe
click the check boxes of the skins you want (only choose one shen) then click install

How to install SIU and skins in 5 easy steps + Pictures

Step 1

Create a new folder on your desktop for Skin Installer Ultimate


Step 2

Open “SkinInstallerUltimate.exe” and set your patch to lol.launcher.exe which is located in your “League of Legends” game folder.


Step 3

Choice a skin you would like to use on League of Legends nude skins category and on the ==Add New Skin== tab press the button add Files then find the folder you download, select it and hit open.



Step 4

Once you have added the mod files click the button “Add to DataBase” and click the checkbox next to the nude skin icon.


Step 5

Click install and click Save. After setting up your Install Preferences SIU going to ask what model skin do you want to replace, always check Default then click Done, run the League of Legends and Enjoy new nude heroines! 🙂


Settings Fix for after the 3.12 Update

Quick guide on how to fix your nude skins and get them running in LoL

Just pictures of how to save the .dds and how to change the settings of Skin Installer Ultimate:





Uninstall the skins

BE VERY PATIENT: You must also use this same program to uninstall the skins before you apply a LoL Patch update. The update will fail if you do not.


Lol Skin Installer Ultimate
Lol Skin Installer Ultimate
Version: 4.34
6.2 MB
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