Fallout 3 Female Nude Skins

The mod replaces underwear of the player and the raider with a nude version in Fallout 3. Credits: Naouak. How to Install Fallout 3 Female Nude Skins: Extract the “textures” and “meshes” folder in your “Fallout 3\Data” folder. Add these lines to your “ArchiveInvalidation.txt”: meshes/characters/_male/femaleupperbody.niftextures/characters/female/upperbodyfemale.ddstextures/characters/female/upperbodyfemale_n.ddstextures/characters/female/upperbodyfemale_sk.ddstextures/characters/raiderfemale/upperbodyfemale.ddstextures/characters/raiderfemale/ Make sure “bInvalidateOlderFiles=1” in your FALLOUT.INI in your “Fallout3” folder. …

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Nude mod Doomwhisperers Shivans

World of Warcraft NPC patch artwork.. Expanded to Doomwhisperer (aka Shivan) nude mod. Unclothed breasts and ass. Lets in cherry-red, dark-blue, and greenness, just not blackened, nude skins. (Patch-d.MPQ)