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Resident Evil: Resistance Nude Jill

This mod makes Jill completely nude. It replaces default reskins of Jill with a naked version. Credits: Supreme Leader.



  1. Fluffy Manager 5000
    This is a mod manager, trainer and jukebox — all in one! Designed to be used for various Capcom games. Thanks to FluffyQuack.
    You must use this mod manager in order to install the mod correctly.
  2. Nude Jill 2 – better Neck Seam.rar
    Nude textures. Replaces Default Jill. This version has better neck seam.

  1. Extract the “REResistance_Nude_Jill_and_Modmanager.rar” anywhere you want.
  2. Before running the mod manager for the first time, ensure all PAK files in your game install are unmodified (to easily do this, right-click the game in Steam and choose “verify file integrity”).
  3. Run the mod manager. If you run Fluffy Manager 5000 for first time you should do next:
    • Go to “Choose game” and select “RE: Resistance”.
    • Click “Define game path” and add the ReResistance.exe file under the game directory.
  4. Drag and drop the “Nude Jill 2 – better Neck Seam.rar ” in RAR format onto the mod manager (make sure to have RE: Resistance selected).
  5. Now you need to enable this mod. Click on the “Mod list” button and select “Nude Jill”. Wait for the application to say in the lower left: “Installed mod: The version of this mod you are using”.
  6. Close mod manager.
  7. Open the game. Select default Jill. Have fun!

Tip: If the mod changes nothing, I suggest to uninstall all mods. Then, re-read game archives. After that, re-install the mods.

REResistance Nude Jill And Modmanager
REResistance Nude Jill And Modmanager
Version: 2.0
49.6 MB
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