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Resident Evil: Resistance Naked Lady Dimitrescu

Here’s Bioweapon Dimitrescu. The mod replaces Mr X with nude lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil: Resistance. Credits: Supreme Leader.

The mod contains

  • modmanager
    Fluffy Manager 5000 (v2.243) by FluffyQuack.
    You can install or uninstall mods for various games: Resident Evil Resistance, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, and many others.
    Note: If you have Fluffy Manager, you don’t need install the modmanager again. You can update it to the latest version as necessary.
  • Bioweapon Nude Dimitrescu.rar
    Nude textures for lady Dimitrescu.

How to install Resident Evil: Resistance Naked Lady Dimitrescu

  1. Unpack the “REResistance_Naked_Dimitrescu_and_Modmanager.rar” anywhere you want.
  2. [OPTIONAL] Before running the modmanager for the first time, ensure all PAK files in your game install are unmodified (to easily do this, right-click the game in Steam and choose “verify file integrity”).
  3. Run the “Modmanager.exe”.
    [OPTIONAL] If you run Fluffy Manager 5000 for first time you should do next:
    • Go to “Choose game” and select “RE: Resistance”.
    • Click “Define game path” and add the “ReResistance.exe” file under the game directory.
  4. Drag and drop the “Bioweapon Nude Dimitrescu.rar” in RAR format onto the mod manager (make sure to have RE: Resistance selected).
  5. To enable the mod, click on the “Mod list” button and choose “Nude Dimitrescu”. Wait for the application to say in the lower left: “Installed mod: The version of this mod you are using”.
  6. Close modmanager.
  7. Run the game. Enjoy!
REResistance Naked Dimitrescu
REResistance Naked Dimitrescu
Version: 1.3 beta
66.6 MB
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