Rise of the Tomb Raider Naked Lara

Meet fully naked Lara in Rise of the Tomb Raider. This mod replaces “Grey Henley”, “Desert Tanktop “, “Leather Jacket “, “Remnant Jacket” with a high quality nude model. Includes 4K diffuse and normal maps. Requires the RotTR Mod Injector. Credits: JOSTAR.

RotTR naked Lara


Before installing this mod make sure:

  • you have the RotTR Mod Injector installed.
  • you made a backup of the “bigfile.update3.000.tiger” file.
  • you uninstalled all other mods.

How to install the Rise of the Tomb Raider Naked Lara

  1. Go to the “Lara_Croft_Full_Nude_(ROTTR)” folder. Drag and drop “Lara_Full_Nude_v1.4” folder onto InstallMod.bat in your game directory.
  2. Done, the model has been successfully replaced. Launch the game and go to campfire and equip the Grey Henley or Desert Tanktop or Leather Jacket or Remnant Jacket.
  3. Have fun!
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Installation Instructions for v1.3.

Note: For installing this mod, the injector should be running for over a minute (and up to 15 minutes) when you install, patching many file entries. If it is not, you are either installing the mod wrong (probably by dragging the wrong folder) or you have an old version of the game that doesn’t have the right “bigfile.update3.000.tiger” file for the mod.

Known issues:

  • The Roughness Map is a bit weird. It means skin shine and sweat not working correctly.
  • Sometimes the game will crash to desktop after switching to another costume and switching back to the Lara Barefoot Mod or Grey Henley outfit.


Q: Why Lara hand texture weird?
A: There is a conflict with other mods. You can fix this problem by uninstall all mods.

Q: Why do This Mod not working?
A: This mod is only compatible with the Newer versions of the game (v1.0 build 820.0_64).

RotTR Nude Lara
RotTR Nude Lara
Version: 1.4
46.0 MB

6 thoughts on “Rise of the Tomb Raider Naked Lara”

  1. Looks great. At some point you should make a topless version. Excellent job though. Thnx!!!

  2. There is a problem i have the same version of the game v1.0_820.0_64 but when i press Y to install the mod after pressing enter it just crashes doesn’t do anything how can i fix that

  3. same here, I have the same version: 1.0_820.0_64 but when pressing Y to install, it won’t go through. I have bigfile.update3.000.tiger but am not sure if it’s updated or not.

  4. nvm, already figured it out. You have to put the mod folder in the same directory of the RotR.exe file.

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