Skyrim Special Edition Naked Lamias

Meet sexy snake women. The mod adds a new race of enemies called Lamias to your Skyrim Special Edition. It’s a topless version. Credits: m150 (original mod) and uz256 (mature retextures).

Skyrim Special Edition Naked Lamias Features:

  1. Added Actors – Lamia.
  2. Added Actors variation:
    • Lamia Footsoldier (Flame, Frost, Shock).
    • Lamia Battlecaller (Flame, Frost, Shock).
    • Lamia Spellslinger (Flame, Frost, Shock).
    • Lamia Diva (Flame, Frost, Shock).
  3. Added an unique enemy – Lamia Queen.
  4. Added Follower – Zaixiaae. She uses flame magics.

Habitat of Lamias:

Along the Karth River in the Reach.
Lamia Queen is in the Reach-Haafingar border along the Karth river (near the Bruca’s Leap Redoubt).

How to meet Follower:

You can meet her in Reachwind Eyrie.

How to Install Skyrim Special Edition Naked Lamias:

  1. Extract the “textures” folder and two files: “LamiaEnemies.bsa” and “LamiaEnemies.esp” into your “Data” folder.
  2. Have fun with Lamias!
SSE Naked Lamias
SSE Naked Lamias
Version: 1.0
6.9 MB

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