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Skyrim Special Edition Nude Seductive Six Women

Let’s play Skyrim Special Edition with the seductive six ladies. This mod has nude presets for your female Dohvakiin (or other characters). Thanks to Arcadiz90.


  1. All-in-One (including meshes) folder contains all presets as well as the selfmade Body meshes and BodyslidePreset.
  2. RaceMenu Special Edition v0-4-8 folder serves for complete overhaul to the character creation menu. Credits: expired6978. Requires SKSE (see Installation).

    Note: RaceMenu doesn’t fix the problems with the internal class to this menu; it merely redesigns it and adds more features. Please ensure that you don’t have problems opening the ORIGINAL RaceMenu before installing this mod.


  1. Download the newest Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE).
    • Copy the .dll and .exe files to your Skyrim directory. This is usually in your Program Files folder under Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim. If you see files named TESV and SkyrimLauncher, this is the correct folder. Do not copy these files to the Data folder as with a normal mod. The “src” folder is only useful for programmers, most users can ignore it.
    • Copy the .pex files in Data\Scripts\ into the Data\Scripts\ folder of your installation. The .pex files are needed by all users of SKSE.
    • Copy the .psc files in Data\Scripts\Source\ into the Data\Scripts\Source\ folder of your installation.
    • Launch the game via running skse_loader.exe. Steam must be running before launching Skyrim.
  2. Locate the Data/ folder in your Skyrim installation directory. Typically it’s found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/. Copy the contents of RaceMenu Special Edition v0-4-8 folder to your Data directory.
  3. In the Skyrim Launcher, select Data Files and enable RaceMenu.esp.
  4. Copy the files of All-in-One (including meshes) folder to the respective folders in your Skyrim/Data directory. Note: Make sure to have backups of your previous files incase you don’t want to use this mod or something doesn’t work!
  5. Overwrite all asked files.
  6. Open RaceMenu ingame with „showracemenu“ command and load the preset.
  7. Enjoy! 


Q: I see dollar signs everywhere and many RaceMenu features appear to be missing what do I do?

A: Install SKSE, or if you have installed it, run your game using skse_loader.exe as you should be.

Q: I got mismatching version warnings what do I do?

A: If you get mismatching version warnings, make sure to delete the following loose files from your data folder if they exist:

  • CharGen.pex
  • NiOverride.pex
  • RaceMenu.pex
  • RaceMenuBase.pex
  • RaceMenuLoad.pex
  • RaceMenuPlugin.pex

Additionally, make sure that you installed SKSE and the SKSE base script files correctly.

Q: Is this compatible with ECE?

A: Partially, only a few features will work, generally I do not recommend using them together as presets will not work.

Q: How do I get more Face/Body/Hand/Feet Paint?

A: Open Data/SKSE/Plugins/NiOverride.ini in a text editor, you will see a section for the amount of paints you can have per type, you can change this up to 128, but it is highly recommended you only set what you intend to use as too many can result in significant performance losses.

Seductive Six Female Nude Mod
Seductive Six Female Nude Mod
Version: 1.0
13.0 MB
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