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Skyrim Special Edition Rosa Follower

This mod adds everyone’s favorite Rosa, a barbarian warrior who is naked now. It’s a CBP Physics version. Thanks to Kofman77.


What this mod does:

  1. Rosa the Follower
    Here to join you again for all your new adventures in Skyrim is everyone’s favorite half naked barbarian warrior; Rosa! A bit more than just a simple port, Rosa also comes sporting that brand spanking new CBBE SSE body, making here among the first standalone followers to use this fantastic new body. Even in SSE Rosa still packs quite a wallop and if you dare, is also quite eligible for marriage.
  1. The Brazen Armor set
    Available once again is the Brazen Dragonbone Heavy Armor set for your Dragonborn to don themselves with. The armor is available for both CBBE SSE and for UUNP Bodyslide. Male support also available.

    The armor can now be made in any forge, provided you have the Dragonsmithing perk.

    …or you can be a dirty little cheat and type —help “brazen”— in the console commands. =P

Folder Types:

  1. “Modest” – Rosa will wear her full armor that shows nothing private.
  1. “Fully Brazen” – Rosa will her armor that shows off her exposed breasts, neither regions, and buttocks. EVERYTHING private is in full veiw.


You can still find her at Angi’s Camp, just south of Falkreath, high up in the Jerall Mountains. Why so far up there? Because why not. =P


1. A legit and most up to date install of Skyrim SSE

2. XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended

3. CBP Physics


1. Ground mesh for armor parts a bit wonky but fully functional.

2. Depending on your choice of lighting mods, Rosa might appear much different than shown (Nyclix’s ENB-Reshade was used when taking these screens).

3. Currently still incompatible with mods that turn followers into werewolves, this is likely due to Rosa using a custom race setup.

4. If your using follower overhaul mods, please make sure to have the RosaFollower.esp file (or ANY follower .esp file) BELOW any of those
follower overhaul mods in your load order.

5. Editing the .esp file in Creation Kit SSE WILL result in Rosa losing her face paint and EYES! Please use the Oldrim Creation Kit if you wish to make any personalized changes.


Choose your desired type (Fully Brazen or Modest), then drag and drop the BOTH the 0 and 1 “brazenarmor” meshes to the previous folder above (Attire) and allow both files to overwrite the previous files above.

Note: To swap out the pantyless types to a full dress type (or a type that HIDES NOTHING), navigate to this file path of your skyrim directory here:
“Data\meshes\actors\character\Rosa\Attire\Armor Swaps”


Q. How can I make Rosa naked?
A. You can use a targeted console command then type “removeallitems” without quotes in the console commands. Also follower overhaul mods work great too when you want to remove some items or dress her yourself.

Q. Where’s the Preset File so I can play as Rosa?
A. Now that Racemenu is sorta a thing now, you can use the oldrim preset. Just understand that her eyes or hair won’t load as her hair mod has yet (if ever) to ever see a port. Her eyes should be an easy fix, as there are many eye mods that have purple in them to make for a decent substitute.

Q. You said Rosa was a custom race follower. Can’t you just make here custom race playa-
A. Oh trust me I tried that. Unless your prepared to view some unspeakable face horror, I wouldn’t try it if I were you.

SSE Rosa Follower Nude Mod
SSE Rosa Follower Nude Mod
Version: 1.6
25.6 MB
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