ArcheAge Nude Skins

Nude textures for female characters of ArcheAge. Enjoy company of sweet naked girls with this mod. Thanks to Tim Mae.


What this mod does:

  1. Replaces the underwear textures and their normal maps with blank/nude ones;
  2. Fixes the “split belly button” on some of the Ferre base textures;
  3. Adds detail to the base texture (nipples and pubic area). The mod includes the original game files v3.0 for easy rollback.


Run “nudemod.bat”, follow the on-screen instructions
Note: If you have more than one ArcheAge client installed:

  1. Edit “nudemod.bat” and set the path to the client you wish to mod
  2. With multiple clients, you’ll have ArcheAge1/ArcheAge2/etc folders on C:

ArcheAge 3.0 Nude Mod
ArcheAge 3.0 Nude Mod
8.2 MB

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