ArcheAge Online Nude Females

It’s female nude mod for ArcheAge. Currently compatible with all known versions of the game. Credits: Quaren.


What this mod does:

  1. Installs nude detail textures for all female characters.
  2. Blanks out standard underwear for all female characters.
  3. Provides option to use shaved or unshaved textures for female characters.
  4. Allows for relatively quick change back to v3.0 textures.

What this mod does not do:

-Provide unshaved textures for Warborn and Dwarf female characters. Currently will install unshaved versions if shaved is selected

  1. Run nudemod.bat and follow on screen instructions.
    2.Every installation or reversion will require manual input of game directory. When asked, tell the installer the directory where the game_pak you want to mod is located. Back up game_pak from that directory before modding unless you want to redownload >32GB of data.
    3.As long as game updates do not change the affected textures, patching will not require reversion or reapplication of the mod. Any time you’re asked if you want to skip the file (this should no longer occur), do so or the installation will fail.

Enjoy – Feedback appreciated!

ArcheAge Nude Mod
ArcheAge Nude Mod
Version: V1.2
12.1 MB

Updated 01/20/2019.

2 thoughts on “ArcheAge Online Nude Females”

  1. Don’t work, regardless what I do.
    game_pak not found, please refer to readme.txt
    Used the right link to the game folder.

  2. Check your shortcut for ArcheAge to see what it’s opening. Such a problem is possible if you’re running multiple installs and modding a different one than you’re playing. With multiple clients, you’ll have ArcheAge1/ArcheAge2/etc folders on C. If you have more than one ArcheAge client installed: edit “nudemod.bat” and type in the path of your ArcheAge game to the game_pak file exactly(ie: C:\Program Files(x86)\Glyph\Game\ArcheAge\Live).

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