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Terraria Nude Mod

Nude Skin for Terraria.  Author: Original by Patchzer, modified by Apoco.


What this mod does:
1. The player’s body is slimmer.
2. The female starting clothing that has pants is replaced with full nudity.
3. All female armor is slimmer and sexier.
4. Various costumes are nude/sexier.
5. Various female monsters are nude/sexier.
6. Various other monsters have been made female, or are replaced with monster girls.
7. Townspeople are nude/sexier.
8. Male townspeople are replaced with sexy female versions.
9. Various items and mounts have nudity, such as paintings.

File Credits:
Patchzer (this link shows a lot of the sprites that have been changed.)
Slim Player Female NPC Texture Pack

The work was done by Apoco:
Combined Patchzer’s textures and the Slim Player Female NPC Texture Pack, optimized for maximum sexiness.
Added some extra/alternative textures from Slim Player Female NPC texture Packs.
Replaced the long pants female starting clothes with full nudity using Patchzer’s textures.
Converted the female Townspeople sprites to work in version 1.3+.


1.Extract into your Terraria’s game folder containing Terraria.exe in path …\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria\.
2. Merge all folders.
3. Replace all files.
4. In game, create a new female character and click “Style” until she is nude.

Enjoy – Feedback appreciated!

Terraria Nude Mod
Terraria Nude Mod
2.0 MB
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6 thoughts on “Terraria Nude Mod”

  1. Who is this Apoco?
    This seemed very similar in the preview to my old Terraria in the previews
    But in fact turned out to be my Terraria mod Base with Nudity, “Dryad-Deer” and “Unicorn Mount” add-on’s which i all made from 2011-2017

    The Mods Original hosting places for my mod:

    This makes me wonder what else Apoco may have Claimed as theirs, which in fact were made by other other modders…

    Ask yourself this: why isn’t the unicorn Mount topless in a package when the NPC version is?
    Because it was an exclusive Download on a PG-12 forum and i did not make a nude version of it (if you want it ask me kindly!)
    as I unlike Apoco, know how to work with .xnb files.

  2. Thanks for contacting us. Fixed it and the needed information was added in the mod description and the mod archive. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thank you for your great work!

    Cheers team

  3. i cant extract it its a .7z file there seems to be no way to extract it into terrarias folder could you add a little more info for people like me who are pretty new to mods

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