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(Broken sorry, waiting for update). Wonderful nude Leia is ready to meet you in Star Wars Battlefront II. This patch removes her clothes. Standalone – not compatible with Nude Rey mod. Credits: ImSorryHan.


  • FrostyModManager_v1.0.5.7

Credits: GalaxyMan2015
Applies mods and launch your game for you.

  • Nude Leia 1.0.fbmod

Removes the clothes from almost all of Leia’s skins except Boushh. Covers up the neckseam with a tasteful white flannel hood thingy.

IMPORTANT: Be aware, this mod is incompatible with the similar nude patch for Rey. Don’t use both at the same time! You need to choose just one of them.


  • Download FrostyModManager_v1.0.5.7 and extract it to any place.
  • Launch FMM, then select .exe file under your game directory.
  • Click Import Mod(s) button, then select the mod file
  • Select this mod in the left area and click Apply Mods; Change the order of the mods as you need in the right area.
  • Make sure the mod you want to enable is checked in the right area.
  • Click Launch and enjoy!

Star Wars Battlefront II - Nude Leia Mod
Star Wars Battlefront II - Nude Leia Mod
Version: 1.0
62.2 MB
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