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Torchlight 2

Bare Mod:
Torchlight 2 nude mod – Nude Player Characters V1.0 by

Usage Torchlight 2 mod:
1. Extract the Torchlight 2 naked skins archive.

2. Create any folder in the “../Torchlight2/paks/” and place there data.pak and from this folder.

3. Run Torchlight2Extractor.exe. Select “Open file” from the top menu and locate “../Torchlight2/paks/FOLDER/data.pak” where FOLDER is the name

of the folder that you created.

4. Select “Patch” from the top menu. Choose “../Torchlight2/paks/data.pak” then select “Torchlight 2 Nude Mod” folder
that you extracted from the Torchlight 2 nude patch archive.


All rights and thanks for “Torchlight 2 PAK Files Extractor” belong to Raptor.

Torchlight 2 nude skins
Torchlight 2 nude skins
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  • Hermann Totenstill

    Leider wurde vergessen darauf hinzuweisen dass die neuen Pak Dateien wieder den ursprünglichen Namen tragen müssen !!!! (Data_new.pak muss wieder Data.pak heissen sonst funzt es nicht ebenso die andere pak Datei)

  • Starhiker

    Torchlight2Extractor.exe is in some East European language, possibly Polish or something, and, oddly enough, gave me the message it ran out of memory, while I got plenty of extra memory on my computer. I guess a working version is not available.

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