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Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Female Nude Skins

Welcome nude Wasteland 2. This nude mod replaces female custom characters with a lewd version. Credits: Orangy.


The installation is quite complicated, so it is divided into two parts.

Part One: Replacing the original textures with nude version.

** If you have your own method to inject files, skip the first part.

  1. Go to Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut/Build/WL2_Data folder.
  2. Backup “sharedassets2.assets” and “ashardassets2.resources” files to safe location.
  3. Place “UnityEX.exe” from the mod’s archive into the “WL2_Data” folder, this is where all the assets are kept.
  4. Copy the “Unity_Assets_Files” folder the mod’s archive to the “WL2_Data” folder.
  5. Launch “UnityEX.exe”.
  6. Open archive “sharedassets2.assets”.
  7. Click on “Import files”.
  8. Done, the nude textures should be in the assets now.

Part Two: Removing underwear from your character.

  1. Navigate to your save files, wherever they may be (probably your documents folder).
  2. Edit the “.xml” file.
  3. Search for “undwear” keyword.
  4. You should see two underwear items, “Fem_UndWear_Torso” and “Fem_UndWear_Legs”, per character.
  5. You want to invalidate all underwear items, and the easy way is to just mispell it.
  6. Change “UndWear” to “uUndWear”, now the game won’t recognize these items.
  7. Repeat until the underwear is removed.
  8. You’re ready to play! Have fun!

Possible bug: if underwear is removed from the 1st character slot, the game for some reason, put a brawler fist item in your inventory everytime you zone or load the game, so if you are getting this bug, don’t remove underwear from the 1st character slot.

Wasteland2 DC Female Nude Mod
Wasteland2 DC Female Nude Mod
Version: 1.02
2.5 MB
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3 thoughts on “Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Female Nude Skins”

  1. re: editing for “undwear”. You can’t edit .xml files – they’re Windows system files, & in any case there’s no trace of “undwear” anywhere in the Saves folder.

  2. In part 2 of your installation I recommend opening with Notepad, otherwise it won’t edit. Otherwise thank you for an excellent mod. Good work!

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