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The Nude patch for Catwoman replaces the original 09.vol


Nude Skins by Denadin….. 8/2006

Catwoman Nude Topless with a bikini

How to Install
Save the original data and Save folders before installing this patch!

In the Catwoman Nude you will find the Data folder.
Place the Data folder in the CATWOMAN main game
directory. For example- C:/Program Files/EA Games/CATWOMAN/Data/09.vol
….. overwriting those folders/files.

This nude patch can be distributed freely as long as it is
unaltered, in its original form and credited to Denadin.


Go to http://nude for a great
collection of skins and tips on modding your favorite female gaming

Catwoman Nude-patch
Catwoman Nude-patch
4.6 MB

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