“MOULIN ROUGE” clothes skins was made BY OL.A. Use Textmod and this “French” sexy patch from our to replace the classic Tomb Raider (Anniversary) outfit .

Download “Lara Croft MOULIN ROUGE erotic patch”

A full Lara Croft Pantyhose nudity patch featuring sexy black net pants and bra for Tomb Raider 8 Anniversary. Condition is, as always, TexMod.

Download “Pantyhose and BH nudepatch”

A Sexy Full Pantyhose tomb raider nude skins with net pants. Condition is the TexMod.

Download “Pantyhose tomb raider nude skins”

A Full nudepatch representing Lara Completely naked in Tomb Raider 8 Anniversary. Wen is to work the patch correctly, you invite the TexMod beforehand from the Download Game Soft area.

Download “Full Lara Croft nudepatch”

Hereby, the Legend-Suit is designed by Lara permissive. Recommended. :)

Note: Comfortable Lara Legend mod requires TexMod (Not included in the mod pack).

Download “Comfortable Lara Legend mod”

Version 2.0 of the full-nude patch of Dark genes. As with the first, it takes TexMod.

Download “BooB Raider Anniversary”

Another Full of Dark Nude patch genes. Naked Raider patch will remove all clothing from Lara. TexMod is needed.

Download “BooB Naked Raider”

A patch of Lara in a bra and panties is. Worried you before that the TexMod from the editors section.

Download “Tomb raider Anniversary nude skins”

A full Lara nude patch of Dark genes. Lara helps with this patch only a Transparent panties. As always TexMod is needed.

Download “Benita Lara nude patch”

A blue dress for Lara.

Note: This lara croft patch requires TexMod (Not included in the archive).

Download “Baby Blue lara croft patch”

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