Darkest Dungeon Futa Shieldbreaker

The mod adds a futa skin for shieldbreaker in your Darkest Dungeon. Includes 3 recolors. Not compatible with any other replacers of this character textures. Credits: Meldragora, Forcelan (original textures), Dan and Anaertailin (recolors).

Darkest Dungeon futa mod

How to Install Darkest Dungeon Futa Shieldbreaker:

  • Place the “Futa Shieldbreaker Recolor” folder in your “steamapps/common/darkestdungeon/mods” directory.
    If the “mods” folder is missing, try running the game or create it by yourself.
Darkest Dungeon nude mod
  • Activate the mod for your save in the main menu. Click on the mod option and pick the mod to enable it.
Darkest Dungeon nude mod
  • Done! Enjoy the game!
Darkest Dungeon Futa Shieldbreaker
Darkest Dungeon Futa Shieldbreaker
Version: 1.0
20.4 MB

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