Darkest Dungeon Naked Ram Rem Sarcophagus

Here’s an animated NSFW replacement for the Sarcophagus of the Darkest Dungeon. The mod includes 2 texture versions: nude girls with hidden eyes or visible eyes. Credits: Alcor.

Darkest Dungeon

How to Install Darkest Dungeon Naked Ram Rem Sarcophagus:

  1. Unpack the mod’s compressed package anywhere. There are 2 folders inside it: one called “Sarcophagus H”, other one – “Sarcophagus X”.
  2. You can only have one version installed: Sarcophagus H (nude girls with hidden eyes) or Sarcophagus X (nude girls with visible eyes). Place the folder that you want to use into your “steamapps/common/darkestdungeon/mods” directory.
    Note: If the “mods” folder is missing, try running the game or create it by yourself.
  3. Activate the mod for your save in the main menu. Click on the mod option and pick the mod to enable it.
  4. Have fun!
Naked Ram Rem Sarcophagus
Naked Ram Rem Sarcophagus
Version: 1.0
1.2 MB

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