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Darkest Dungeon Nude Vestal

Meet a new sexy Vestal in the Darkest Dungeon. This nude mod replaces her with a lewd version, with new hot animations. With this mod the Vestal can be clothed or nude with visible or hidden eyes, with four color variants each. It’s not compatible with any other Vestal skin, including the base skin. Credits: XelswordArt.

  • After unzipping the mod’s archive, navigate the “Xelsword Vestal Replacer” folder and drop all its content into the “mods” folder inside your DarkestDungeon directory .
  • Enable the mod within Darkest Dungeon by pressing on the hammer icon on your save file and checking the box on it. Place it high in the load order.
  • If you want to use it in the Butcher’s Circus PVP mode, you will need to make backups first and then replace the actual hero files, so just drop the contents of the folder into the Darkest Dungeon directory.

Darkest Dungeon Vestal Nude Mod
Darkest Dungeon Vestal Nude Mod
Version: 1.1
42.3 MB
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