Darkest Dungeon Vestal’s Lusty Trinkets

Here’s a UI mod that replaces the standard Hero Trinkets (precisely, those that are exclusive to Vestal) with kinky piercings. It changes the visuals and names, all effects remain the same. Credits: KotBasil.


The changed trinkets:

Virtuous ChaliceVirtuous Pendant (“The weight of sin and the shame of exposure”).
Haste ChaliceSister’s Cross (“An iron cross, a symbol of faith”).
Youth ChaliceProof of Devotion (“A former tool of torture, now a symbol of piety”).
Profane ScrollProfane Seal (“Unholy markings fastened to the skin to test the spirit”).
Tome of Holy HealingHealer’s Halo (“An honorable marking of a dedicated healer”).
Sacred ScrollHoly Nail (“It is known to be able to ward off the evilest of spirits”).

  1. Drop the “Lusty Trinkets – Verstal” folder into the “mods” folder inside your DarkestDungeon directory after unzipping the mod’s archive.
  2. Activate the mod in game.
  3. Have fun!

Darkest Dungeon Vestal's Lusty Trinkets
Darkest Dungeon Vestal's Lusty Trinkets
Version: 1.1
88.8 KB

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