Miranda Mass effect 2 nude patch

The patch removes the pants of Miranda. Giant thanks to Vergil for the patch (Mass effect 2 nude patch). (Miranda Mass effect 2 nude patch needed TexMod not included in nude mod archive.)

Sexy Elika Outfit

This patch Elika equips instead of their normal shirts made with a steel-like brisket. Sexay. Note: This nudity Elika patch requires TexMod (Not included in the archive)

Sexy Grunts Nude patch

This World of Warcraft MPQ (“patch-q.mpq”) nude patch has textures which put back the wearisome baked textures as the most common female Orcish grunts and guards of Horde with something a little comfier and more sexy.

NWN 2 nude

This nude patch Elanee, Neeshka, Shandra and Zhjaeve be topless. This NWN 2 nude patch was tested with the German version 1.0 but, should therefore other versions work.

Silent hill 3 nude patch

With this patch the standard outfit Heather by Heather is partially removed. The tool to insert is included in Silent hill 3 nude patch archive.