Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Naked Merrin

The mod adds nude textures for Merrin to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order that remove belt/clothing, leaving her torso fully naked. There are two versions: with tattoo and no tattoo. Credits: MaxVeers23.


  • Main folder
    • pakchunk99-NakedMerrin_99_P.pak
      Base nude textures.
  • Optional folder
    • pakchunk99-SexyMerrin_BetterTattoos_99_P.pak
      Optional textures with better/more accurate tattoo patterns.
    • pakchunk99-SexyMerrin_NoTattoos_99_P.pak
      Optional textures without body tattoos.

How to Install Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Naked Merrin

  1. Extract the “SWJFO_Naked_Merrin.7z” file anywhere you like. The are two folders inside such as “main” and “optional”.
  2. Go to the “main” folder and copy the “pakchunk99-NakedMerrin_99_P.pak” file to your “Paks” folder. Directory: “Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Fallen Order\SwGame\Content\Paks”.
  3. [Not Necessary] Open the “optional” folder and select one of the files you want to use. Just drop that file in the “Paks” folder.
  4. Done! Have fun!
SWJFO Naked Merrin
SWJFO Naked Merrin
Version: 1.0
94.8 MB

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