Dark Souls 3 Nude E-Girl Firekeeper

This mod makes E-Girl Firekeeper nude in Dark Souls 3. It includes both model and texture files. E-Girl has blue coat and green hair as well. Credits: SteveCroser – ngovandang.


  • UXM tool for enabling this mod.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 for running UXM (Windows 10 users should already have this).

How to Install Dark Souls 3 Nude E-Girl Firekeeper:

  • Download .NET Framework 4.7.2 (except Windows 10 users).
  • Download the UXM tool. Before running it, you need to fully extract the contents of the UXM 7z file anywhere you like.
  • When first starting the UXM app, the default Steam location of Sekiro will be selected, use the “Browse” button to correct it. Go to your “DS3.exe” game file and select it. Then hit “Unpack” button.
  • After this extract all the “.dcx” files inside the “Dark_Souls3_Nude_E-Girl_Firekeeper.7z” mod’s file into the “chr” folder of the your game.
Dark Souls 3
  • And on the end hit the “Patch” button in UXM.
  • Done! Have fun!
Dark Souls 3 Nude E-Girl Firekeeper
Dark Souls 3 Nude E-Girl Firekeeper
Version: 1.0
14.9 MB

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