Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Shield Weaver Armor Nude Skins

This mod converts the Shield Weaver Armor to nude Aloy. It requires the Horizon Zero Dawn Nude Aloy. Credits: julianovento7.

Hands up! Take off your clothes!


How to install:

  1. Make sure that you have the Horizon Zero Dawn Nude Aloy mod installed.
  2. Download this mod. Unpack the “Patch_AloysSHtoNB.bin” file into the Packed_DX12 folder.
  3. Launch the game and use the Shield Weaver armor to make Aloy nude. Have fun!

How to get the Shield Weaver armor in game:

To unlock the “Shield-Weaver” armor and get an achievement “Got the Shield-Weaver outfit”, you need to collect 5 power cells scattered throughout the game world, then you can go to the bunker, where you will need to insert them and solve the puzzle to open the door. All power cells can be obtained during the story quests.

Note: For anyone who can’t get it to work (infinite black loading screen on startup), do the following after installing the original nude patch; Download “Aloy’s Adjustments” and follow the initial setup instructions. Go to the “Outfits” tab, pick “Shield-Weaver” in the left list, and “Armor – Nora Brave” in the right list. Click “patch”. Enjoy your nude Shield-Weaver Aloy.

HZD Aloy Shield Weaver Armor Nude Skins
HZD Aloy Shield Weaver Armor Nude Skins
Version: 1.1
2.9 MB

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