Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Explicit Costumes

This mod replaces Outcast, Nora Brave, Nora Stealth, Nora Armor, Nora Survivor, Shield Weaver, Shadow Stalwart, and Undergarment outfits with a lewd version (from partly naked to completely nude) in Horizon Zero Dawn. Credits: Orangy.

Horizon Zero Dawn Nude Aloy

How to Install Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Explicit Costumes:

  1. Unpack the HZD_Aloy_Explicit_Costumes.7z” file anywhere you want.
  2. Place all the “.bin” files from the “mod” folder into the “Packed_DX12” folder in your HZD game. Overwrite the old “.bin” with these ones.
  3. Done! Have fun!

Download & Update the Latest Version:

2020-03-13 Updated to version 1.6
Fixed nora brave this time… along with outcast+undergarment.

HZD Aloy Explicit Costumes
HZD Aloy Explicit Costumes
Version: 1.6
149.2 MB

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