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Horizon Zero Dawn Naked Aloy

Here’s one more great nude mod for Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. It replaces her default costume with a naked version. Now it also removes the Seeker-Mark. Credits: PositronLazor69.

What’s Included:

  1. AloyNudeMod
    Nude textures for Aloy.
  2. DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe
    It’s an open-source program designed to allow you to unpack, data from the archive structures used by games using the Decima engine. It allows you to install this mod. Credits: Jayveer.

How to install Horizon Zero Dawn Naked Aloy:

  1. Extract the content from the downloaded “HZD_Naked_Aloy.7z” file anywhere.
  2. Place the “DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe” file into the HZD folder that has the “.exe” application in it if you didn’t install it before. For example: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Horizon Zero Dawn.
  3. Run the “DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe” file.
  4. Click on “Browse” and choose the extracted folder called “AloyNudeMod”.
  5. In the DecimaExplorer, there should now be listed 9 file paths, that start with “models/characters/…” and end with “”. Make sure you select the files correctly. The file path should start with “models” and not with the folder name.
  6. Now select all files in that list by shift- or control-clicking on them. Don’t worry about the displayed file sizes being 0 kb, they are incorrect.
  7. Click on “Pack”, head to the “C:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Horizon Zero Dawn\Packed_DX12” folder and select “Initial.bin”. Make a backup of this file if you didn’t it already!
  8. Wait for Decima Explorer to pack all the files in Initial.bin. It will take a couple of minutes. Once DecimaExplorer is done packing the files, you’re ready to use this mod.
  9. Launch the game and equip the basic nora brave outfit, and you´re done!
  10. Have fun!
HZD Naked Aloy
HZD Naked Aloy
Version: 1.2
9.4 MB
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6 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn Naked Aloy”

  1. Execute the file “DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe”.
    Click on “Browse” and select the extracted folder named “AloyNudeMod”.
    This folder does not exist, no matter how I unzip it.

  2. As of January 3, 2022 this MOD still works perfectly with Horizon Zero Dawn Version 1.11.1.
    It completely replaces the Nora Brave outfit with the nude Aloy model.

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