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Horizon Zero Dawn Nude Aloy

This mod replaces Aloy’s Nora Brave outfit with a full nude body. It has an optional addon for pubic hair. Also includes a higher quality nipple texture now. Works on GOG and Steam. Credits: Raq.



  1. Nude Aloy
    Main mod. It’s a shaven version. Install it first.
    Replaces Nora Brave outfit (available when Aloy gets in the Mother’s Heart. Teb gives it to her).
  2. Aloy Nude (Pubic Hair add-on)
    Optional addon. It’s a pubic version. Install it after main mod.
  3. Higher Quality Nipple Texture (Add-on)
    It’s a higher quality nipple texture. Remember to install the main mod first, this is only an add-on.
  4. DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe
    Credits: Jayveer. It’s an open-source program designed to allow you to unpack, data from the archive structures used by games using the Decima engine. It allows you to install this mod.

Important to know:

The mod isn’t 100% complete. The Blender Mesh Plugin and the tools in general are currently limited and there are some issues:

  1. Sometimes you might see Aloy’s actual outfit instead of the nude model when the camera is very far away.
  2. Aloy’s genitalia doesn’t look great. The game uses weird textures and they control weird things.
  3. You might see a neck seam when Aloy is in places with different types of lighting.
  4. You will see a neck seam in Aloy’s body when she gets out of the water (the wet mask goes away very quickly).



Extract the content from the downloaded .7z file anywhere.


Place the “DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe” file into the HZD folder that has the .exe in it.
For example: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Horizon Zero Dawn.


Run the “DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe” file.


Click on “Browse” and choose the extracted folder called “Nude Aloy”.
Important to note is that don’t select both folders!


Make sure you select the files correctly. The file path should start with “models” and not with the folder name:


Pick one file, then use the hotkey CTRL + A to select them all.


Click on “Pack”, head to the “Packed_DX12” folder and select “Initial.bin”.
Make a backup of this file if you didn’t it already!


Wait for Decima Explorer to pack all the files in Initial.bin. It will take a couple of minutes. Once Decima Explorer is done packing the files, you’re ready to use this mod.


If you want to use a pubic version of the mod, do the exact same steps as above but select the “Aloy Nude (Pubic Hair add-on)” folder instead when browsing in Decima Explorer.


If you want to use a a higher quality nipple texture, install it with Decima Explorer (steps 3-8). Just choose the “Higher Quality Nipple Texture (Add-on)” folder instead when you click the “Browse” button in Decima Explorer (step 4).

STEP 11:

Launch the game and equip the Nora Brave armor. Have fun!
Note: Nora Brave is basically the default outfit, it is obtained when Aloy reaches the Mother’s Heart to join The Prove. Teb provides her the Nora Brave outfit just a couple seconds after she gets in the Mother’s Heart (Mother’s Heart is a location, you get there in like the 3rd mission of the game).


1. This happens to me, how can I solve it? See image below:


Make sure you follow the installation instructions. This error says that the Decima Explorer has been incorrectly placed. The “oo2core_3_win64 dll” file is in your Horizon zero dawn map. The simplest way to fix it is to copy the Decima Explorer into your game folder.

Decima Explorer in your game folder

2. Game is the latest version. I unpacked files with the latest version of the 7zip. I put Decima in Horizon Zero Dawn base directory. I used Decima Explorer and browsed files. I saw files but sizes were 0KB. I I selected all the files and I clicked pack. I browsed and selected initial.bin.Then I got a generate message: files not present and will be ignore. Packing finished. I run game and this mod not working.  What am I doing wrong?

Make sure you follow the installation instructions. You have to select the “Aloy Nude” folder and click on “Browse” in the Decima Explorer. If it is done correctly, program will display the “” files and the “Name” of these files will start with “models/characters/humans/aloy/…”. The file sizes will still be 0 bytes, however the entire process will work. Select all files and click on “Pack”. Click on “Browse” and go to the “Packed_DX12” folder in your game directory (“C:\Programm Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Horizon Zero Dawn\Packed_DX12” for me) and click on “Initial.bin” and “OK”. It takes about a minute to complete. After it says “Packing Finished” just press “OK” and run the game. Don’t forget to equip the Nora Brave armor ingame.

3. I’m using decima explorer, all file size 0KB.  Why does this error occur?

The files being 0kb is not the problem. The tool is bugged and it will always say that the files are 0kb and it won’t show the actual size.

4. Error Message:
Aloy nude/models/characters/humans/aloy/textures/aloy.set.core.steam is not present in this archive and will be ignored. It says that for every single file. and, yes, they are all selected. How do I fix this?

If the Decima Explorer tells you that the files aren’t present and will be ignored when you browse for the mod folder, make sure that you selected the correct folder. The file path should start with “models” and not with the folder name (for example: “models/characters/humans/aloy/textures/aloy.set.core.steam”). Select files correctly and try again.

5. Does this mod work on GOG version?

Works on GOG and Steam.

6. Is there a way to uninstall the mod or turn it off?

Just put back your backup file “Initial.bin” to your game folder.

7. It still doesn’t work for me and I did all the steps and put decima explorer in the game directory, and when I run the game I still have my clothes on, I don’t know what to do to make it work. How to solve it?

You need to equip the Nora Brave outfit. Only this one is patched.

8. If I already installed the nude mod can I install the pubic hair version over it, or should I start with a fresh initial.bin file?

Yes, you can. Install “Aloy Nude (Pubic Hair add-on)” after “”Aloy Nude”.

Update the Horizon Zero Dawn Nude Aloy Mod to the Latest Version:

2021/02/16  Added Higher Quality Nipple Texture (Add-on).

2021/01/22 the mod is updated to version 1.1

  • Removed a folder from the main folder to prevent confusion among people saying the mod “is not working”.
  • Updated readme and installation instructions.
Horizon Zero Dawn Nude Aloy
Horizon Zero Dawn Nude Aloy
Version: 1.1
17.4 MB
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20 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn Nude Aloy”

  1. The mod is updated to version 1.1. Download the latest version. Added more detailed installation instruction. Enjoy the mod!

  2. Finally! This is simply making my game even more gorgeous. Hope you will add a footwear version in the future.
    Worked for me perfectly the first try.

  3. You can’t use Pubic Hair and Higher Quality Nipple Texture at the same time unfortunately.

  4. Does it work with the “Complete edition” on steam?
    I followed the installation steps, but the “Nora Brave” outfit is not modded.
    (And yes, on step 5, my file names look just like the ones on the picture.)

  5. I found what caused my issue.
    I named my backup copy “Initial.bin_backup” and left it in the same directory. I thought the game would ignore it because it’s not a .BIN, but I was wrong… It was actually being loaded after the modded “Initial.bin” thus overriding the changes with the original data.

  6. How do you remove the “Mark of the Seeker” coin floating above her left hip? This appears after completing the race against the other villagers at the beginning of the game.

  7. Almost perfect!

    I’m having an a slight issue where there is a small piece of the original outfit floating on Alloys left hip. Looks like a piece of the bag on her belt or something. It is conspicuous and casts a shadow on her. Is there anyway to get rid of it?

  8. Seem to be having an issue where I’m just getting an infinite loading screen when I launch the game after installing this.

  9. It worked fine. On the step, Click on “Pack”, (head to the “Packed_DX12” folder and select “Initial.bin”.
    Make a backup of this file if you didn’t it already!) I was a bit confused because it didnt automatically default me back to C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Horizon Zero Dawn, or wherever your game files are. The Packed_DX12 folder is in the game files directory. Once I figured out how to navigate back it worked fine.

  10. how should the backup file be of any use to me if I continue to play with the mod. If I do not want to play the mod then or want to use other mods and these are just not compatible with the one I just have inside what is the use of the backup file. On the is but then nen old score or not

  11. “ALMOSTPERFJULY 12, 2021 AT 10:22 PM
    Almost perfect!

    I’m having an a slight issue where there is a small piece of the original outfit floating on Alloys left hip. Looks like a piece of the bag on her belt or something. It is conspicuous and casts a shadow on her. Is there anyway to get rid of it?”

    I have this same issue. I can deal with the character having no genitals. That little floating piece? too much lol

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