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Kingdom Come Deliverance Tereza nude mod

Kingdom Come Deliverance patch removes nightgown form Tereza body and makes some (not all) bath service ladies naked all the time. Thanks to vonLeeb


Thanks to this mod, you can see tereza naked when she’s supposed to sleep or she works in the house in nightgown. Some bath service will be naked in Rataj. I have not checked other baths, have not reach there yet 🙂

As in hiv4 mod naked models have no hair. It’s a pity however the author has no skills to work it out.

CONFLICTS with other mods:
This mod will possibly conflict with all mods that adjust clothing, armor, clothing_mesh_data, clothing_raycast, item xmls.


  • Create Mods directory in your game folder, eg. YOUR_Directory\Kingdom Come Deliverance\Mods if you don’t have it.
  • Create NudeModAT in Mods directory, eg. YOUR_Directory\Kingdom Come Deliverance\Mods\NudeModAT
  • Create Data subdirectory, eg. YOUR_Directory\Kingdom Come Deliverance\Mods\NudeModAT\Data
  • Unzip NudeModAT.pak into this directory.
  • Update order_mod.txt if you use it.
  • Enjoy!

KCD Tereza Nude Mod
KCD Tereza Nude Mod
Version: 1.8.1
1.5 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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