Diablo 3 Nude Witch Doctor

This mod allows you to see Witch Doctor completely nude. It requires uMod2.

  • Make sure you have uMod installed.
  • Extract the Diablo3 nude archive anywhere.
  • Run uMod soft with “Use global hook” option (Main > Use global hook).
  • Start Diablo 3, then Alt + Tab to desktop.
  • Then go to the folder where you have your nude Witch Doctor .dds files.
  • Select and drag them all into the blank space at the bottom of uMod.
    Alt + Tab and Diablo III will now load with the Witch Doctor naked skins. Have Fun!

Diablo3 Nude Witch Doctor
Diablo3 Nude Witch Doctor
25.9 KB

2 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Nude Witch Doctor”

  1. There has been a bit of a balls-up with this file. – Instead of a .dds file, there is, instead, a (Dungeon Seige?) .tpf file: DS2_Goly_mod_HoloGirl. This is also true of the Diablo III nude mod Monk (which has also, incorrectly, been assigned this file).

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