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Diablo 3 Wizard Nude Skins

This mod makes Wizard completely nude. Requires uMod.

  • Make sure you have uMod installed.
  • Extract the Diablo3 nude archive anywhere.
  • Run uMod soft with “Use global hook” option (Main > Use global hook).
  • Start Diablo 3, then Alt + Tab to desktop.
  • Then go to the folder where you have your nude skins .dds files.
  • Select and drag them all into the blank space at the bottom of uMod.
    Alt + Tab and Diablo 3 will now load with the Wizard nude skins package. Have Fun!

Diablo3 Nude Skins Wizard
Diablo3 Nude Skins Wizard
71.8 KB
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4 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Wizard Nude Skins”

  1. hi, just wan’t say, i think it’s not the good link of the skin, it’s for dead space 2
    he don’t work on diablo3 i have make the idently manipulation for DH and that work

  2. Can some1 plz make a video of how to instal this mod into my d3, because i followed all the steps but it still wont work..

  3. Not working
    Steps:(no application launched)
    1)launch uMod V2 r49(uMod V 2.0 alpha)
    2)Main->Use Global Hook(click)
    3)launch Diablo3(version 1.0.8), logged in to account, created new character(wizard female)
    4)Alt+Tab to uMod
    5)Opened folder with “Diablo3_Nude_Wizard.7z”, unpacked it
    6)Drag&Dropped .DDS file from extracted archive to bottom field of opened uMod application
    7)Alt+Tab to Diablo3
    No change in textures.
    Any mistake in any step or something shouldn’t be done?

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