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Hires Alyx face skin

This patch enhances the face of Alyx. The patch is only for Half Life episode 1!



Alyx High Resolution Skin v2

by Ness
Original Skin by Fakefactory

Some people were complaining about Alyx not being Alyx anymore, after installing Fakefactory’s High Resolution Skin. This is my attempt to make her more Alyx-like.

09.02.05 v2
-changed her lips again
-fix the 4 different skintones she had (arms etc..)
-remade her eyebrows

09.01.05 v1
-tried to correct the transition between textures
-made her eyebrows less intense

08.29.05 Original Release
-i changed her eyebrows, her skintone and tried to make her lips less “feminine”

Installation Alyx face skin

1. Extract the files into your Half-life 2 episode one\episodic\ folder, keeping the folder structure!

This is my second attempt in Texturing, so don’t be too harsh 😉

And Big Thanks to Fakefactory for giving us these Wonderful skins!

And I have to thank Sebastian Diaz for giving me some good advices on improving this skin.
Thank you Sebastian!

Hires Alyx Face Skin
Hires Alyx Face Skin
3.3 MB
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