Alyx patch topless

The  Alyx patch includes two new versions of Alyx Fakefactory CM7’s Mod A bra and a topless version. Fixed an animation bug in v1.1. A. detailed explanation on how the whole will be installed can be found in the rar. So who do you want to read absolutely have no problems afterwards!

For problems or questions to you is the author of this patch in the forum are available.

HL2 + Addons


Topless Bra and version 1.1 for Half Life 2 + Episode 1, 2

Description: here is a topless and bra version for Alyx from HL2 + addons. The model is ursprьnglich of Fakefactory from his Cinematic Mod 7th
I have compiled only a few bugs removed and new, and summarized. The Archives 2 Alyx variants, one with and one without bra (topless). The CM mod from Fake factory for this patch “is NOT provided. Everything is in the *. rar archive her.

Installation: for Half Life 2
The materials in the. Rar contained “” Folder for,

X: \ Program Files \ Steam \ SteamApps \ half User Account \-life 2 \ hl2

And depending what you, want bra or topless, in the two folders is always a ‘models’ Folder. The mьsst after her simple,

X: \ Program Files \ Steam \ SteamApps \ half User Account \-life 2 \ hl2

For HL2 Episode 1
is the path, and then just continue as above.

X: \ Program Files \ Steam \ SteamApps \ half User Account \-life 2 episode one \ episodic

for HL2 Epsiode 2
is the path where it comes in,

X: \ Program Files \ Steam \ SteamApps \ half User Account \-life 2 episode two \ ep2

Known Bugs: 1 I am aware that the model is in the normal Half Life 2 problems with the neck of Alyx that problem tread unfortunately only with the normal Half Life 2. Unfortunately, this is obvious for all
Models Cinematic Mod V4. The first source engine makes most problems, the failure to enter not in the other parts. Who are you the CM used the model works Evidently this Problemslos.

Who can find more bugs / animation errors like this please comment here.

Author and Copyright by Mognoss
Yet thanks to  Bufu!

Alyx Patch Topless
Alyx Patch Topless
34.3 MB

2 thoughts on “Alyx patch topless”

  1. The “Read Me” is in German, so anyone not German can’t read it also the install instructions need more detail.

    I put the materials folder into my “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2” and I also put the “Alyx.BH.CM7” in the models folder nothing worked she looks like the normal Alyx so far this mod is busted.

  2. Some issue came out on episode 2, after the hunter (I think that was it’s name) attacked Alyx, she went invisible, then all way after is still like that, I tried using other skin mods, nude and some others, but nothing happens, it stays invisible

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