Swim suit and Leather Harness patch

This is the next version of the micro bikinis swimsuits with more and some leather armor in that nude mod for Fallout 3. Requires: TYPE 3 Body and BREEZES FO3 male body replacer 1.3.

Nude mod Doomwhisperers Shivans

World of Warcraft NPC patch artwork.. Expanded to Doomwhisperer (aka Shivan) nude mod. Unclothed breasts and ass. Lets in cherry-red, dark-blue, and greenness, just not blackened, nude skins. (Patch-d.MPQ)

Farcry Valerie Nude mod

Nude patch Farcry for the game, the patch gets Valerie brown hair and small shorts beautiful breasts. Learn more about this and the installation of  Farcry Valerie Nude mod  finds her in the readme.txt