Erotic Dance Oblivion mod

Adds a book dealer in the district in the Imperial City in “The Merchants Inn” adding that if it is placed in the inventory, it replaces the idle animation by a dance. Idle happen: if the character is bored while he does nothing.

Demon Oblivion nude

Accomplish this Demon Oblivion nude mod adds a demonic companion with which various obscenities leave. More in the readme. Attention respects: on the order of installation 1st Oona’s Outfitters. (Part 1 and 2, Update 1 and 2) 2nd Demon Consort Light (no sex animations) 3rd Demon Consort Mature (with sex animations)

Saints row nude skins

This Saints row nude skins removes the pixelation of the player character when Streaking (Flit). Does not work at NSC. Also works with Steam.