Fallout 3 Female Detailed Nude Skins

All-in-One. The mod adds detailed nude textures to all the female characters of Fallout 3. Includes tattooed textures sets for raiders. There are hairy or shaven versions. Credits: dimon99. Fallout 3 TYPE3 body: V3.5 by dimon99. Incudes all released TYPE3 body variants,suitable as overall female body replacers. Instal this first,then install either TYPE3V1TEXTURES orTYPE3V2TEXTURES for …

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Fallout 3 Swim Suit

The mod adds the micro bikini swimsuits to the females of Fallout 3. Requires: TYPE 3 Body and BREEZES FO3 male body replacer 1.3. Credits: Backsteppo/TKone. What’s Included: Swimsuit & Leather Harness.Several colors of the C Swimsuit. Including a silk variation with a slight see-through effect and a hotter version with less fabric. Camo has …

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Mass effect 2 nude mod

A see-through latex outfit for Miranda (Mass effect 2 nude mod). must be selected to use the seemingly non-white outfit. Note: Mass effect 2 nude mod requires TexMod (Not included in Mass effect 2