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Mass Effect 3 nude mod.

I know, I know, “she” is a robot, but with those sensual shapes and forms she is just the perfect sexbot, so of cause this was bound to happen ūüėõ

– EDI’s Naughty White Outfit.

Please note that only the white EDI’s¬†outfit is affected by this retexture!

To install this mod:

1. Download  Texmod and start

2. Click on a folder, go to the. Exe file run
3. Make Texmod mode Package Mode.
4. Click on the ¬†folder and select . Tpf file (EDI’s Naughty Suit)
5. Click the Run button and the game will start with a new  MassEffect3 nude hack

EDI Naughty Suit
EDI Naughty Suit
487.8 KB
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