Lara Snowangel mod

The mod changes the weight of snow outfit Lara. And contains two versions, one with camouflage underwear and a clean version. Note: The mod requires TexMod Snowangel Lara (Not included in the archive)

Fallout 3 Exotic Dancers

This mod for Fallout 3 adds some exotic dancers to Moriarty’s bar. You need to have a nude patch installed, or the girls will dance in their underwear. Credits: Trynfkwtme. How to Install Fallout 3 Exotic Dancers: Copy “data” folder into your “C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3” folder. Run the game and enable the mod in …

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BloodRayne 2 Rayne’s Transparent Underwear

With this mod Rayne is wearing a high gloss see through plastic underwear. The plastic underwear project is layered over the full nude skin of the gown outfit. Also added a bar code onto Rayne’s back. Removed her blade hand guard and replaced it with a leather covering. Hope you all like it.