This body can be changed by female characters. Very nice. :)

In the archives Fallout nude mods of several body versions are included.

Download “Fallout naked mods”

This patch gives the female characters, a new body model. Thanks the Best fallout 3 nude mod.

Download “Best fallout 3 nude mod”

This is the next version of the micro bikinis swimsuits with more and some leather armor in that nude mod for Fallout 3.

Requires: TYPE 3 Body and BREEZES FO3 male body replacer 1.3.

Download “Swim suit and Leather Harness patch”

The mysterious stranger turns here to a mysterious stranger with clothing optional.

Note: TYPE 3 Base body be used by this patch.

Download “Stranger Nude mods for Fallout 3″

The name says, a package full of G-strings. :)

Required: Yes TYPE 3 Female Body and BREEZES FO3 male body replacer 1.3 (, also available for men)

Download “Fallout 3 nude pack”

This adds still add a few more garments for Female Mysterious Stranger.

Download “Fallout 3 Clothes Nude Addon”

This patch changes the Fallout 3 Nude Raider.
TexMod is required. (The course you can find in our DL-Area)

For more information and detailed descriptions please read through the readme.

Another thanks to Vergil for it.

Download “Fallout 3 Nude Patch”

The name says, this patch replaces the female body of the player and the raider with another model.

Download “Female Nude Patch Fallout 3″

This Brurpo nude mod contains 2 versions replace the body of the female player character.
Once again, naked and in bikinis.

Download “Brurpo nude mod”

This nudity mod for Fallout 3 adds in Moriarty’s bar has a section for exotic dancers.

Note: Not included Nude patch. You must still get the extra.

Download “Exotic Dancer Mod Fallout 3″

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