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Lara Sexy Jungle missed a nice outfit for Tomb Raider 7 legend



This is the wild side of Lara in Tomb Raider Legend.
To use this Lara sexy skins, just place all files in the folder in your game folder TRL
Then double click “trl_texmod”

1.Do a score of 100%
2.You star test Texmod.exe
3.Must be at “Target Application” trl.exe  be (in the directory where TRL was installed)
4.In case Package fashion must invite you to np.tpf
5.dann click below on “Run” (play is now running) play the game with 100% load continue and there will CHOOSE the level
8. go there and  the evening gown, slit

Sun actually run the. In Croft Manor,  then stop at the wardrobe.

Lara Mod Sexy Jungle Outfit
Lara Mod Sexy Jungle Outfit
1.9 MB
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  • Roshan

    Where is the tpf file mate? Can’t load the skin on texmod without it.

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