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xblades nude skins

This removes top and pants from Axumi here in the first two suits of armor.
There is also a extraversion for a different hair color.

Note: Xblades nude skins requires TexMod (Not included in the archive)


X-Blades nude patch by Eddyboy

This xblades nude skins removes the top and the panties from X-Blades’ Ayumi, allowing you to send her running and fighting in the nude.
There are 2 Versions: 1 Version uses the normal hair, while the other one gives Ayumi’s hair a reddish tint, which I found fitting better to the character.
UPDATE: This new Version of the Mod includes the new armor types you unlock when you finish the game and has upgraded graphics.

Have fun.

done by Eddyboy

Xblades Nude Skins Np2
Xblades Nude Skins Np2
9.1 MB
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